What's With The Shoes?

One step.

One moment.

One heartbeat at a time.


One year.
One step. 


I often get asked "what's with the shoes?" 
Questions range from asking if I run a fashion blog, if there's a connection to selvedge denim, or perhaps some personal thing about wingtip oxford shoes.
As you read this, the page background contains that lush grass with chestnut colored brogues and a pair of dark raw indigo denim. If we ever shook hands and traded business cards, odds are good your eyebrows were raised with the same design scheme on the back of that paper with my contact info.

Eyebrows raised, questions asked.

Life, business, personal, professional is just that -
Eyebrows raised with questions asked.. 

Find those moments that raise your eyebrows and raise questions for you.
Find what lowers those eyebrows. Find the answers and then find the questions that raise more eyebrows.
Rinse, lather, repeat.. one step at a time.

It's not about the shoes.
It's not about the denim.
It's about the steps taken, in life. 

What's With The Shoes?

It's my path. 

I took a life changing step one year ago. 

On one of the hottest summer nights, after a brutally long day at the office, dressed in my button-down, slacks, and dress shoes, I walked down a narrow almost-hidden alley parking lot to a wide-open garage bay door with music pumping, and saw what looked like a group of human machines, shirtless, pouring sweat and moving weights with an intensity I've never experienced first-hand upfront and personal.
I was living the opposite.
I was watching life from the sidelines.
I was the greatest spectator in the greatest adventure ever..
(My own life.)
I was offered a free trial class to try-before-I-buy.
That's nice.. but no. I knew that try-before-I-buy would give that fear and comfort and amateur and spectator more clout over my heartbeat.
It would give me that one excuse.
In life you don't need 10 excuses to not live
or love
or feel
or try
or leap
or dare
or dream..
You only need one.

My brain was screaming, analyzing, considering, cowering, assessing, comparing.
Think about it.
What if.
You know, maybe..
But did you see?
Consider your options.
You. Here?

God's got a sense of humor.
How is it that the voice in your heart is 1,000 times stronger than the voice in the back of your head, and yet that voice is 1,000 times quieter?

It felt like my heart grew a pair of arms and reached up and strangled that noise-making coward seeking comfort in my brain.
It then nudged me to sign on the dotted line.
I signed up with Guerrilla Fitness for a 5-day/week six-month plan to finally take charge of my physical being. 

One year later, one step later, I am thrilled to say I stayed committed and hungry and humble and look forward to the next steps I take inside those cinder-blocked walls.
One year, one day, one step, one heartbeat, one moment at a time.