What's With The Shoes?

One step.

One moment.

One heartbeat at a time.

Fran is a four letter word.

"Ugh.. Fran.."

Why is it that we grunt at our biggest challenges?
Why don't we stare them straight in the eyes instead?

In our offices,
in our homes,
in our relationships,
in our thoughts,
in our hearts,
it's time.

It's time to face the biggest challenges with the same tenacity as our small ones.

For those that deal with a flatlining boss, that wish they could "just reach out" to the person across the table, that work in a swamp-like work environment with no fresh air or ideas, and for those that lift weights in the gym or in the heart..

Don't grunt.

Don't you dare give that challenge an edge it doesn't deserve.

Don't you dare give up on yourself before you even dared to give yourself a chance.

CrossFit has a benchmark workout called "Fran".
Don't grunt at the tough ones.
Face Fran in the face and take her on.
Smell the air, and taste that word on your tongue.
Go get her.
Face her.
Face your grunt and shrug.

Face what is weighing down your heart.

Keep going.