What's With The Shoes?

One step.

One moment.

One heartbeat at a time.

A thought about a conversation between two friends

"Where there was no way, you kept your composure and you made a way. Our strength is at our disposal to do what no one else can imagine."

Web Smith in "A quick conversation between friends".


"...at our disposal to do what no one else can imagine."

Breaking down what caught my attention even further?

"at our disposal"

Finally, a point of focus to where my thoughts went with this:

do what no one else can (or did/will) imagine.

Others will work for a goal.
Others will practice for a certain thing.
Others will focus on improving to a certain point.

Don't practice to 'their' place, title, or expectation.
Don't work to get to their 'there'.

Dare to imagine above and beyond that.
Dare to do, your do.
Dare to dig deep into what is at your disposal.
Dare to work, and will, and wonder (imagine) to get there.
No one else can imagine it.. but you.
Not Web..
Not Rich..
Not your best friend..
Not your boss.

Mind. Body. Heart. Soul.
Fact: You'll need all four.

No wonder? No wonder you'll never get there.

(Thanks for sharing your conversation, Web, it's appreciated.)