What's With The Shoes?

One step.

One moment.

One heartbeat at a time.

Lower Left Piano Songs

Can we just hang out

For a minute
Left side of the ivory
Lower left keys.

No, please..
Can you tell the violin not to play
It's not time
Not yet
The doorknob hasn't even closed
Haven't heard that sound
That second click

It's not set.

It starts
It's the first mile
It's the first sip
It's not a pool of blood
It's the first drip
One, two..
A drop or two on a windshield
A heartbeat or two in the chest
An empty chair in a restaurant
Don't adjust your television
This is not a test.

Please. I'll be fine.
Not yet.

It's the first two turns to close the blinds.
That time, again.
I'll remember you, old friend.
I'll overcome.
I won't forget.

I'm alright.
I'm alright.
I'm alright.

They'll clap when the credits play.

The office was quiet today.