What's With The Shoes?

One step.

One moment.

One heartbeat at a time.


Raise your glass.

A toast.
A toast to you.
A toast to all of you.


A toast to everyone who was with me back in the day.
A toast to everyone who continues to.

One incredible year with
one long scar on the surface,
but it's been 365 adventures,
and fireworks inside.
What a ride.

Not enough ink with not enough pages.
The best part is that it continues in the next chapter.
The next chapter.
The next page.
The next word.
The next thought.
The next beat.

It continues.

Before we go our own ways
Before likes are clicked
Before we say our happy birthdays..

Here's to the next 365.
Whether she calls or not.
Whether we fall or not.
Whether we slip.
Whether we stall or not.
Whether we face more storms or not.
Here's to the next 365.

Here's to the next 365 where
you're not even guaranteed one.
Have fun.

Fight another day.
Love another day.
Embrace grace another day.
Find your heart another day.
Run, jump, play another day.

Here's to the next 365
or 403
or 2.
Here's to a life lived fuller than most.
Here's to you.

Keep going.