What's With The Shoes?

One step.

One moment.

One heartbeat at a time.


What would you post to your "accounts" online if you had to share only images and videos of your bad days and tougher moments? What would you post if you had to share what a tough time you're having? What would you publish to your profile if you weren't smiling, and the situation wasn't scenic, and reality was torn into pieces?

Who in your life would click "like" to those moments?

Who in your life would click "like" because they would
be there
stand for you
stand with you
share their story
lift you up and
encourage you to press on.

How does that circle of friends and connections compare to the followers and friends count you currently have in your beautifully veneered world?

There is no dark cloud over the asking of these questions.
There is only sun piercing through.

The true ones will click "like" immediately to the moment you don't like, because they know..

They know that fire inside.
They know that look on your face.
They know the clenched fists.
They know the head bowed in prayer.
They know the taste in your mouth.
They know...
They know.

They know you'll be better than ok soon enough.

(Keep going)