What's With The Shoes?

One step.

One moment.

One heartbeat at a time.

Why We Write

I will never post a post about writing tips.
I will never use the words "author" and "advice" in the same sentence. 
(whoops, except for the last one)
I will never offer 3 of the most important tips for good writing.

Save the writing for the 'writers'.

For some of us, the pen is a bucket of paint
splashed on a big warehouse wall.
For some of us, the songs we sing are ours
not for studios or albums.
For some of us, the sweat we drip is bottled up
poured out for the oceans of thoughts inside.

For you who read, who click, who email, who reach out, who open and close the browser when you're done, thank you. The screen you read this merely a window that gets wiped clean after you are done with it.

This isn't a project for my 8th grade English class.
My writing professor in college will never be invited to opine on the grammar, phrases and words held within.

I'm ok because fragment sentence leaving as this we write why.