What's With The Shoes?

One step.

One moment.

One heartbeat at a time.

Shooting Stars

Once I could stand, I wanted to walk.
The desire grew every morning.

One day I shuffled twenty steps.

Another day? I walked fifty.

Eventually? One lap around the entire ICU.

Every day, one step further, literally.
Upon returning to my room, in the corner of the window, I would see a bright yellow paper only seen from the outside-in that I could not see from my bed. Bright yellow, vivid, vibrant, with a giant star and comet trail behind it.

A star. For me!

Every day, I could not wait to see that star after returning from my walk.
It was my "welcome home."
It was my "you did it."
It was my "high-five."
It was my "today is better."
It was mine in the way that the light at the end of the tunnel, championship banner raised to the rafters, or gold medal placed around my neck would be as a goal. It was my champagne cork flying across the room with a trail of suds in celebration.

Every day.
One more step.
Return home after trying.
See that star.
Go get it.

On my way out of the hospital, I asked one of the nurses why that paper sits there, and why they don't put one in the room for patients. She calmly explained that the yellow paper with that shooting star is their way of knowing who is an "extreme falling risk."

(Wait, what?!)

Falling risk.
Extreme falling risk.

That star is placed on the outside of the window for the nurses and doctors to know at a moments notice or glance in passing that the person inside could be prone to falling.

Placed on the outside, for those outside.

Just think about that for a moment...

Falling risk. Failing risk. Potential concern.
(Keep your eye on this one.)

I understand the medical reasons behind that.
But.. what about one layer deeper?
This one might try, and he might fail.
This one might stand up, and he might fail.
This one might take an extra step, and he might fail.

How does that work?
How does that message change so quickly between a pane of glass and a one-sided paper not visible from within?

Falling risk. Failing risk. Potential concern.
Finish line. Back of the net. Endzone.
Moment of pride.
Daily goal.
"Keep an eye on this one" ...
Watch me.
Look out world...
I'm going to do it.

Looking back?
Lesson learned.

Never, ever, under any circumstance, no matter what, no matter where, no matter why... never ever ever see your golden star, your goal, your dream, your finish line as someones slap of a 'potential failure' post-it note on your forehead. Let their worry be your wonder.

I might fail.. but I just might take one step further.

Keep your eyes forward.
You don't need to have your chest sawed open to qualify for your own star.
It could be one line of code.
It could be hitting send.
It could be one interview, one project, one lift, one word.
It's your star.

Keep going.