What's With The Shoes?

One step.

One moment.

One heartbeat at a time.

Hello My Name Is

Double-tap the rewind button, go back in time to when you were a kid.

What a simple answer it was back then..

"Who are you?"
: insert name here :


"What do you like to do?"
"What is your favorite _____?"

I like to play.
I like dogs.
I like my Lego castle.
I like jokes.
I like swimming.
I love cheeseburgers.


Let's go back to the present, if you will.
Single-tap the rewind button.
Go back in time to when answers changed.

"Who are you?"
...was suddenly saddled with baggage.
...was suddenly riddled with questions.

Small bags with weight.
Carry-on sized questions.
Backpacks of doubt.
Suitcases of hurts.
Duffel bags of names.
Roof racks..
Storage units of shame, self-pity, defeat, pain, and guilt.

Chain link.
(I was hurt, so now I'm _______.)
Chain link.
(I never had a chance to, so now I'm ____.)
Chain link.
(You don't know my yesterday, I'm __.)
Chain link.
(Victim. Ex. Used to be. Once was.)
Chain link.
(What does your question even mean?)
Chain link.
(What should I put on my name tag?)
Chain link.
(You wouldn't understand, I'm _____.)
Chain link.
Chain link.
Chain link.

These aren't even the cold, iron chains that Hollywood puts around ghosts of memories past, or the heavy, rusty ones that we see painted with the souls reaching to the sky.

Chain link linked to chain link.

Fed. Followed. Warmed by your own hands, and wrapped around your own neck, and tied around your own waste, and looped around your own shoulder.




Even the cold feels warm when it freezes you over.

Chain link.

Hello, my name is _______.
(Insert chain links here.)
Wait, that's not right...

How old were you when you gained your strength to carry more chains? How old were you when your arms became accustomed to the toil? How old were you when you became old? Lose those lies. Lose those would'ves. Lose those yeah-buts.
Lose them before you lose you any further.

Why is it more terrifying to dare, to fly?
Why is it more comforting to look back
and not even try.


Chain link.

(Let go.)

Chain link.

(Let go.)

Chain link.

(Let go.)

Let go.
Let go.
Let go.

It's "Hello, my name is."

It's not "Hello, my name was."

Grow your wings.
Expand your lungs.
Open your eyes.
Look up to that sky.. to those hills..
From where comes your help?

The rewind buttons on our remotes are well worn.
Fast forward doesn't exist.
So why not push play?

You are beautiful.
You are strong.
You are a story worth living.
You are someone.
You are worth it.
You are.
You are not you were.
You are.

You will be.

(Keep going.)