What's With The Shoes?

One step.

One moment.

One heartbeat at a time.

You're Too Young

Remember this number.

Day -365 
One year before I was born, based on severe trauma and medical complications, doctors told my parents that they will never have another child, and that if my mother even tried to get pregnant, she would probably die.

Day 1
Breach, a few hiccups, but healthy, there I was.
Proof to those doctors that miracles happen.
Living proof.
Mom? A-o-k.

Day 1,095
Doctor told my parents that I probably have a stomach virus.

Day 1,097
Paralyzed from the waist down, unable to walk, fading out to white, sicker than sick.
Surgery. Extended hospital stay.
Living proof, alive and well, and walking.

Day 11,899
Doctor shocked that I'm alive.
Heart surgery required.
Blood loss. Leakage.
Open heart.

"But you're so young."

"He'll never lead a normal life."

"You're too young."

"He'll never make it."

I should not be here based on an opinion.
I should not be here based on a misdiagnosis.
I should not be here based on a brutal car accident.
I should not be here based on a series of charts mapping my heart.

But guess what..

I'm here.
My story is not done.

So don't tell a kid living a miracle,
thanks to a nudge from above,
that he's "too young" to face this challenge,
let alone face it grounded in love.

Strength inside.
Cared for.
Living proof.
Ready for the ride.