What's With The Shoes?

One step.

One moment.

One heartbeat at a time.



Functional fitness. Functional marketing. Functional insert term here.

One year ago, I would have shrugged off any mention of "functional" as hype or a branding ploy. Functional fitness? Yeah, OK.

One year ago, I could barely jog a few blocks around my house without falling apart or stopping hands-to-knees to catch my breath a few songs into the playlist.

Fast forward to the present tense..

Last week I was faced with my first ever "the flight leaves in 32 minutes, the gate closes in 3 minutes, and you're 2 minutes from the airport" scenario. I had already called the airline and learned that 0 flights were available later in the day, and knew that this would be a test of my patience, resolve, ability to plead with security, and you guessed it.. fitness to get to the gate once I'm done disrobing for the security check.

Sneakers were off, and hung on my fingers as if I was a human coat-rack.
Backpack was full, and on my back.
Carry-on was loaded to full capacity, and rolling behind me.

Problem: carry-on was rolling behind me. No time to roll and stroll.
It was time to move.
Time to lift it, move it, and move me (in socks) while carrying it across the conveniently long corridor from security to Gate C34.

I ran. I moved fast. I made it.

One year ago I had no clue what "functional fitness" meant. Spending 5 mornings per week for the past 9 months at Guerrilla Fitness CrossFit while moving fast and lifting heavy did not translate into me winning a weightlifting competition, or getting sponsored by Rogue Fitness, or getting 1,000 likes on Instagram for pictures of my abs or barbells loaded with plates double my weight.

"Move fast, lift heavy" while keeping a healthy proper form and not blowing my back or shoulders or hernia or whatever out translated into me having the lung capacity to run like the wind while carrying weight on my back in my pack and the strength to move with a bulky irregularly shaped object in the form of a heavy carry-on in my arms.

Life is an adventure.
Embrace the unexpected.
Compete every day.
Improve every day.

(Keep going)