What's With The Shoes?

One step.

One moment.

One heartbeat at a time.


A few thoughts for your eyes to dance through for a few minutes in your day:

1. Home is where the heart is.
Wherever home is, there your heart is.
If you don't have heart, you don't have your home.

2. You might be an ocean away, but you had.. have.. and will have.. a home, here.

3. Here. (Hand to my chest. Hand to your chest.)

4. Home is where my heart is.
I hope you find home one day.

5. It's not a coincidence.

6. It wasn't a coincidence.

7. It's home.

8. Remember the many doors and windows to what home is?
Holding hands is home.
The nook in your collarbone is home.
Ruffled duvet covers are home.
How you hold a coffee mug is home.
The way your rest your leg on a stool footrest is home.
Your look out the windows with serenity and grace is home.
That smile when you fall asleep at night as your chest lowers and raises with each gentle breath is home.
Wondering is home.
Listening for hours is home.
Swinging arms as our fingers lock seamlessly into place is home.
Sweetness in the air is home.
Knowing it's ok for it to be special is home.

9. Home is so close if you could only see it.

10. Home is where the heart is - one heart beat, one moment at a time.