What's With The Shoes?

One step.

One moment.

One heartbeat at a time.

She Who Is Brave

Last night I spoke on the phone with someone who is like a sister to me.


She is facing an incredible spectrum of feelings, thoughts, questions, concerns, hopes, fears, and more all at the same time, for an important decision in her life at the moment. 



Stay, because... 

Go, because... 

Each had it's weights to put on the plate on the scale, and it was an open conversation of trying to see if we could see where that scale is maybe tipping. 

Actually, scratch that, it was more of a conversation to see if she could feel where it's tipping.. after all, those steps need to be taken by her. It was an honor to listen. It was an honor to share in the light-show of thoughts, hopes, fears, maybe's, and what'if's that she's facing.

 "What do I do?"

"Where do I go?" 

Question marks. 

More question marks. 

Then it hit me... 

Question marks? 


She is standing, on her own two feet, with her heart in her chest, her brain engaged in her head, and her life in front of her.. standing.. and facing her question marks. 

She is not ignoring them. 

She is not shrugging them off. 

She is not putting them off for tomorrow. 

She is not asking for someone else to move her from here to there. 

She is not turning her back and strapping herself to a conveyor belt to keep moving. 

She is facing her question marks.. in the face.. upfront and personal. 

She is doing something that a majority of people, girls her age, women decades older may have never (ever) done.. 

She is facing it. 


To take a step? No.. maybe not.. maybe not yet.. 

She is daring to face them. 


(For daring.. she's one of the bravest people I know.)

She is fierce from the inside. 

She is brave

I wonder where she'll decide to go. 

I hope she dares to take those steps, but support her either way as long as she's honest with herself about it. 

Go. Do. Be you. 

Learn who the you is. 




Is it a mess?

No. It's life. It's a beautiful mess. 

 (( Keep Going ))